Saturday, March 03, 2007

Podcast Episode 2

As part of my ongoing effort to keep things relatively fresh around here, here is another podcast which can be found here. It's a 40 minute mix of Hip Hop tracks I'm been digging on lately.

p.s. I saw TV on the Radio last night at Avalon, and it was sort of a letdown. I've only seen them once before, and was hoping that the second go round would be better. I didn't realize how LOUD they are. The vocals were far too often drowned out by screeches and high pitched wails. I have no problem with loud, but was expecting them to be able to recreate some of their earlier songs with the gentle touch found on their first two albums.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Adventures in Podcasting!

I had a snowday yesterday and threw together my very first podcast. It clocks in at 40 minutes and was my soundtrack to the ice storm that raged outside throughout the day. I'm still a newbie when it comes to this podcasting thing, so for now, you'll have to visit my .mac page to hear it.

So check it out. I hope you like it. I thought it was a pretty decent mix.

It contains: Peter Bjorn and John, Explosions in the Sky, Ween, Marissa Nadler, Howlin' Rain, Damien Jurado, and a few others...

Very Good Height Podcast Episode 1
Hope you like.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I loved Molly Ivins. I was deeply saddened to hear of her death. She was such a welcome voice, and my favorite thorn in the GWB's side. Although I never knew her personally, I feel like I did. Maybe because she reminds me of a much more articulate version of my grandmother, and my gradmother is one helluva firecracker. Let me tell ya.

RIP Molly. I, for one, will miss you dearly.
Here is the last piece of hers that I read. She was so wonderful.

We need more soliders like her. I realize that referring to a 65 year old woman as a solider is a stretch, but she has been sticking her neck out for longer than most of those that may reading this have been alive.

Molly always got me excited to try to add my voice to the opposition. So does this guy.
Sage Francis - Slow Down Ghandi.mp3

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sorry again

Moved again. Finally settled in my new place, with a new computer (MacBook, SICK!!!!) which i'm slowly becoming acclimated to. I'll try to update this thing 3 or 4 times a week.

I got in a car accident today so I'm not in the mood to babble. If my mood were truly dictating what I post, then you all would be subjected to something very loud and slayer-ish. Here's some Twilight Singers instead. I love the Twilight Singers. Happy thoughts. Kitties. Balloons. Makers Mark. You dig?

Forty Dollars.mp3

Watch out for black ice. Shit'll kill ya. Or your front end.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

06 hip hop

I'm going to try to remember what decent hip hop was released this year. I wasn't blown away by much, but I have been digging Cadence Weapon's "Breaking Kayfabe" for a bit. He's a smart dude. Used to write for Pitchfork, and certainly has a unique flow. Most impressive to me is his production prowess. Everyone is still gushing over the Neptunes work on the Clipse joint (so overrated, my god) for no reason. Cadence's futuro-funk is hot stuff. Fishscale was sick, but that was expected. New artists like Cadence blowing you away unexpectedly is what this music thing is all about people. 30 Seconds is taken straight out the Sage Francis playbook, skewering consumer culture.
Check it.
Black Hand.mp3
30 Seconds.mp3

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Chicago's Bound Stems put out a great album in 06 called Appreciation Night that I feel went largely unnoticed by many of the blogs and such that I (we, probably) all peruse daily. At first it seemed a little too derivative of Broken Social Scene, but ultimately grew on me. I think what impresses me most about them is their musicianship and flashy time changes they incorporate in their sound. The first half of the album is especially enticing. Definitely one of my favorites of the year...
Please Wake Up, Ma and Pa Are Gone.mp3

For those on the East Coast, they're comin' atcha. Check thier MySpace page for info.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Year end stuff...

I don't have a list, or even that many albums that spring to mind right off the bat when thinking of "Best of 06". I won't bore you with a list (because I'd probably need to edit it everyday), as you could get one almost everywhere else. What I'ma do is think of one album on my way to work (released this year), play it front to back, get laughed at while standing at red lights head boppin', then post some songs from it as if it were one of my favorites of the year. So you'll just have to come back tomorrow and the day after and so forth...

OXFORD COLLAPSE! Humorous power pop with catchy hooks, but also somewhat complex instrumental interludes, this SubPop band's "Remember the Night Parties" is still as fun today as it was the first time I heard it a few months ago. Read the Pfork review for a more nuanced view, and a string of run-on sentences. Yes, I think it warrants a "Best of 06" tag. But do you?

Please Visit Your National Parks.mp3
Return of Burno.mp3

Sunday, December 03, 2006

mastodon. i like!

Mastodon's Euro tour with Tool will not reach as far east as Kazakhstan, but luckily for that country's inhabitants, and the rest of the world, they've decided to document some of it and offer it on YouTube. They're actually really funny guys. If you've ever wondered how an album is crafted, I suggest you peep the "Making of Blood Mountain" clips that also can be found at that link.

I hadn't been into metal for years until I stumbled upon "Leviathan",
their ode to the search for the "White Whale". Brutal, yes, but very melodic and as a concept album (Moby Dick), really cohesive. Some people who can't do "screamy" wouldn't dig, but if you can see through the guttural yells underneath lies some very heady stuff.

Blood Mountain, the latest and major label debut, picks up where they left off. The production is tight, and the dueling guitars lay down some serious grooves. Bran Dailor is also my new favorite drummer in the world. Check out him recording the drum tracks in the video clips. Wowser.

Crystal Skull.mp3
Hand of Stone.mp3

Friday, December 01, 2006

sexytime explosions

The new Explosions in the Sky is due out early February, making it the first big album release I'm giddy over. Some people call it pretentious. Some call it boring and repetitive. I call it beautiful. Hopefully "All of the Sudden, I Miss Everyone" is as dope as it's album art....

Feel the thunder.
Glittering Blackness.mp3
A Song For Our Fathers.mp3
happy weekending...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

tis the season

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your portrait painted by one of your favorite MC's?

Neither have I. For those of you who have, here's your chance to help
out a great, hard-working group of musicians who've already endured the tragic paralysis of a band member, and now have to deal with the nightmare of having a tour van robbed.

Subtle has had a rough year or so.

From Dose One's Myspace bulletin:
"i had a dream about doing a fund raiser, the day after
where people send in a donation, return address, and a photo...
and i do a portrait of them and send it back to them,
so thanks to astropitch, we are going to make this happen...."

Subtle - The Mercury Craze

There you have it. Help them out and have a portrait of yourself to give to your mom for Christmas. We all win. Buy For Hero: For Fool here.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

love 'em or hate 'em, they sure write a lot of songs about drinking.

Blogosphere darlings, and fervent Springsteen admirers, the Hold Steady's new album is peppered with anthemic, bar floor smelling ditties. Whomever claimed that the Killers new album hearkens back to the days of Asbury Park should be shot, because this LP screams Boss. Just drunker.

Lead singer Craig Finn's mono-baritone delivery is gruffy, yet emotional and for some reason oddly familiar. I've had Boys and Girls of America in my weekly rotation for a month now, and I'm convinced that songs like Party Pit and Stuck Between Stations are going to be the internal soundtracks to the (fond?) memories of high school parties past.

Some might find their subject matter sophomoric and silly, (the word drunk is uttered upwards of a million times and one song is about a girl on mushrooms) but no one can deny their authenticity. I get the feeling that these guys are writing about what they know, and what they know is, well, having a fucking blast.

I'm still trying to figure out the new and "improved" hosting service I've been at odds with, so I couldn't actually post MP3 files, but check out theirMySpace page.
The Hold Steady on MySpace.

Back Soon

I've recently settled my dispute with EZarchive (my hosting service, those bastards) and should be able to start posting some jams today or tomorrow. During the hiatus, I've amassed a collection of tunes so delicious, the extended absence will surely be erased from memory, and all ill-feelings harbored expunged.

I promise.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I suck.

I know, it's been awhile. Actually it's been more than a month at this point I think. I apologize. I went away for a bit changed residencies a couple of weeks ago, and started work again so I've been lax on the new music. Shit done changed 'round here, but I'm back. Here are some tracks that have nothing to do with each other.

The new Yo La Tengo album is amazing. It's one of the few albums by an established "favorite" of mine that has lived up to the self-generated hype in my little head. This track is gorgeous, and it made me realize how gorgeous life can be this past weekend. You know, one of those fleeting epiphinies we're all prone to get once in awhile. A big thanks to my stupid sister for getting married on the night YLT plays in Boston.
Yo La Tengo - Black Flowers
*EDIT* This link had to be removed due to copyright issues. Lovely world we live in, indeed.

For those of you who don't know Sam Cooke (you should be ashamed), here's a goodie. Also is one of my favorite Apollo Sunshine covers (playing Wednesday night at the Paradise).
Sam Cooke - I'll Come Running Back to You

That's all i got today. I'm tired. Any requests for later in the week? Holla...

Monday, August 14, 2006

steppin' out

My lovely lady friend and i are headin' west to the city of angels for a week or so, so I (probably) won't get a chance to update. Planned trip highlights include: a) seeing the Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Zach Galifinakis, Bob Odenkirk, et. al. show, at the Troubador tomorrow night, b) Amoeba Records, c) drinks at the Dresden, d) and meeting the waiter from Chuck Klosterman's hypothetical movie script, which I anticipate, will not be hard at all.

Two L.A. songs, including my favorite Kozelek track.

Murs - L.A.
Red House Painters - Cruiser

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


i effin' love this song. and emily haynes.

Metric - Calculation (Theme)

don't forget, tomorrow in government center (boston) tv on the radio plays fo' free at 6. you also have the option of ragin' with the hot topic set immediately afterwards while the yeah yeah yeahs play all the hits. yawn. actually, that's not fair (as my friend pointed out) because i totally sing "maps" for hours after i hear it on the radio.